Modern mountain/arctic troops

Looking for modern mountain/arctic soldiers. I can find WWII figures but cannot seem to find NATO/US figures in modern snow gear.
I want to do some scenes with US Marines in Norway and US Army troops in Alaska.
Any ideas or, failing that, are there WWII kits that the base figures are usable and just need the correct weapons and gear.


Are you looking for infantry type figures, or vehicle crew?

Infantry figures, I have several crew figures


If you want figures in combat I cannot help, but these are worth considering if you want to convert; I’ve stashed some with a view to modifying them alongside a suitable vehicle, as deployed to northern Norway (where the Brit Royal Marines have trained for decades. I suppose it depends how much you’re willing to convert but they might provide a decent enough basis; weapons are readily available from accessory sets, and after that it’s down to your skills with Milliput perhaps. Hornet Heads will always help.


yeah they would need a lot of modifying… and swapping steel pots for k-pots… and…


You are correct in that you won’t be able to find any. Those that were made are dated and due to the war in Ukraine, Russia (believe it) has been a major player in making modern U.S. figures, but the sanctions against Russia has closed many companies, namely Assault Models of Russia.

I have asked for modern Arctic figures for years on the Armorama “Wish Lists” but in truth, no one really made them because modern U.S. figures didn’t sell very well. Practically all of the modern U.S. scale figures don’t have skis or snowshoes, but some do come with rain overalls that can be interpreted as white snowsuits.

There is SOL MODELS of South Korea…

And Assault Models (now out-of-production (OOP) and out-of-business (OOB)) of Russia made a sniper with a parka that can be interpreted as a white overall snowsuit if you can find it.

Verlinden Productions made some…Verlinden is also OOP and OOB.


Or if you don’t care for scale, there’s ETSY wargaming Arctic U.S. Navy SEALs in 28mm or 32mm…really tiny. You can probably ask the 3D print seller to enlarge them for you at extra cost.

Airborne Miniatures of Poland is your next best bet…they are still in business and production. The overalls with ties can be interpreted as a white snowsuit.

I have the Rappelling set from SOL. I bought/built it when I was stationed in Korea '99-2000, so it is very dated. The figures are wearing BDUs with patrol caps, so no winter gear.



@Michael_Baker There is this 1/35 Apocalypse figure in raincoat from BLAST MODELS. I think that it will work for a modern 1/35 Arctic figure in snowsuit. The gear is very current and you can embellish it with Live-Resin 1/35 figure accessories or add some thick tape over the mouth and nose to make a face/ski mask.

Yes, there is definitely a need for modern accurate arctic/ mountain figure…




It’s been a desire for many years/decades…modern Arctic figures…let alone modern soldiers in snowshoes and skis. Frankly, no one makes them, and not for lack of reference photos. No one makes modern snowmobiles, snowcats, or dog sled kits for Arctic soldiers either.

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An opportunity for some of 3-d printer savy bods amongst us i would think.