Modern Russian Colors

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I’ve noticed that everytime I do my cursory Google search for modern Russian schemes it always comes up with the MIG Ammo products. But being a Tamiya, and recently Life Color person can anyone lead me in the right direction of an equivalent to Mig’s Oil Ochre color?

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AK Real Colors RC098 Russian Modern Green is considered to be an outstanding paint with great color reproduction.

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This isn’t great, but it’s a starting point:

Sadly oil ochre isn’t on their list, but it shows up in the equivalent list for Vallejo Model Air 71.033.

I found this pdf ( that maps it to vallejo model air 71.033 which AK claims is their Maize yellow in their real color conversion chart (which doesn’t include ammo by mig in their set of cross references).

If you have access to AK real colors they work pretty much the same as Tamiya, but they aren’t as consistent as the Tamiya paints.

Using the iModelKit app here are the mixes that seem to be close using both brands. Tamiya has a new Dark Yellow II XF-88 might be close enough.

Thanks for the help everyone! And @Tank_1812 I didn’t even know know Tamiya came out with a Dark Yellow 2 doh!!!

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Just looking at my bottles XF-93 Light Brown (DAK 1942) might even be a better match.

Right 88 and left 93.

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When I am looking for color comparisons between different paint companies, I always go to the app Hobby Color Converter. It is a great app for looking for color comparisons between different paint companies. It even has the RAL, RLM and Federal Standards listed. Super easy to use too. It also gives a “direct comparison” and then a “percentage comparison” if you can’t find what you are looking for in the direct comparison.

You can also track what paints you have in your stock and make a shopping list for those you want/need. Very handy.

I have nothing to do with the app, not affiliated or anything. Its just something I found and am very happy with it.

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