Modern Russian things that go "BOOM"

Looking for colors for Russian air ordinance. Free fall bombs look to be grey or blue grey. Same as the colors used on aircraft undersides? Rocket pods seem to be flat aluminum. Air to air, all white. (reference says the 3 black stipes air inert/ display. Not operational.Most photos seem to be at airshows, with display weapons. ) Ones I’m looking for “live” R-73 (AA-11) “Archer”, S-25L laser guided rocket, RBK-250 cluster bomb.

I don’t know much about airplanes and I don’t understand what your problem was. I send links to a search in Russian in the Yandex search engine and a screenshot of the result of each search.
Did I understand correctly?

R-73 (AA-11) “Archer”

S-25L laser guided rocket

RBK-250 cluster bomb

You can simply copy the search query in Cyrillic and search in Google.


Best I could find for the S25L. Afraid it is b&w so some interpretation will be needed. This is in Yefim Gordon’s Soviet/Russian Aircraft Weapons since WW2. Worth keeping a look out for.

This is an S25L out of its launch tube. Looks like the nose section is white, followed by a black band and grey or aluminium. Body looks like it’s black, but that’s a part rarely seen. The protective cap over the seeker head is usually red.

Some photos showing S-25’s in their launch tubes. They look most likely to be aluminium with red stenciled text. Don’t know if this is a paint or metal skinning on the tubes. I have a vague memory of reading that they’re made of compressed cardboard. Maybe someone can confirm that?

For a splash of colour, the Russian Air Force is fond of painting inert weapons in dayglo orange. Not unusual to see a mix of white and black striped and orange training rounds on aircraft.

Hope it helps.

It was staring me right in the face. They’re made of wood and metal skinned.

Google? Now why didn’t I think of that? A bagillion of photos but most are taken at airshows, Arms Expos, etc and are display weapons. I am inquiring on actual, blow the crap outa things, ordinance. Not photo op dummies or training rounds. As stated info I have is A2A missiles with 3 black bands are photo op , non functioning, “models”. Looks like live ones are white with tech markings. Plain old bombs look to be pale blue grey with id markings. (any RLM/RAL/ FS/BS number closer than others?) As for the S-25L, launch tube appears aluminum (like all other rocket tube set ups). Warhead … ? with clear tracker “window” … The O/OF/OFM versions look to have black warhead and red cover on the fuze. But the photos all seem to be museum / airshow displays

S-25OFM at top looks like the aluminum launch tube. Below is the 25L. The launch tube almost looks black. Warhead looks light grey or aluminum aft of the canards, white forward. Canards, black or red. Stripe between canards looks like electric tape. The photo looks like one of those PR ones showing all the different things we can hang on the plane. (cart behind has a fuel tank, one behind that 122mm , 80mm, 57mm rocket pods. Not sure what is on the last cart)

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I understand your sarcasm, but I’m not just talking about Google, but Google with a Cyrillic search string.
And I immediately said that I am not in the topic of aviation in general and in this matter in particular.

The last photo is a rocket out of it’s tube. You can see the rocket motors and folded fins at the rear and what could be it’s firing wires. The other things look like fuel tanks? Most likely some sort of staged photo as you don’t see them out of the tubes usually. Good ideas about the other colours though. Not easy trying to interpret b&w!

And I’ve just noticed that directly behind the S-25 is what could be a Karen radio controlled missile (I forget the actual name of it right now). All over gloss white, no bands.

Ah, yeah. Didnt notice the back end, rocket motors. And being outa the tube. Aft of the grey(?) would be a larger diameter. The white one behind it on the trailer, I did not realize is pointed the other way. Karens are Kh-29s. Might be a Kh-29T from the looks of the back end. (only one I’ve seen with the rear faired over.)

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