Modern Russian & Vietnam War U.S. Rations | Armorama™

1/35 scale Russian and United States rations

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about god damn time someone released an updated modern ration pack, it’s only been a year before someone jumped on this.

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FC Model Trend had the Russian ones out a long time ago, shortly after the war in Ukraine started. I used them on my “Winter Harvest” BMP and Tractor dio that I started in APR '22.

AFV Club also has a sheet w/Russian, UK, Latvian, Aussie, and Netherlands ration boxes in their AAWS-M FGM-148 Javelin kit (AF35355).


I know my eyes are not as good as before, but it seems to me that these are a different model…


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I think they are the ones on the far right of the FC page. There are a few different box types/designs on the page I have.

i have the FC versions and their print quality sucks, they look like down scaled jpeg files.
these new versions look to be far superior print quality.

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