Modern US Army PELICAN™ 8-LAPTOP Case, Mobile IT™ | Armorama™

Eureka XXL offers many different Pelican cases in 1/35 scale. This review covers their Modern US Army PELICAN™ 8-LAPTOP Case, Mobile IT™.

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Looks legit. Most networked systems (SOMPG, CPOF, etc…) require several computers that go in boxes just like this. The layout may vary slighlty, as there’s often a spot for rolls of CAT 5 and accessories.
The only time you’ll ever see it though is when you pull it out of an ISU-90 or the back of a truck to tranposrt into your TOC when setting it up. Otherwise it’ll be shoved out of the way underneatch a table someplace until it’s time to jump TOC or go home.
In other words, you’d never find one tossed into the back of an SF gun truck,

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