Modern US AS1729 Antenna from DEF | Armorama™

DEF Model released a very useful aftermarket set for anyone building US vehicles.

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Not necessary in my mind.

Any antenna base, streched stryrene or folded wire and white glue for the extremity part will do the job.



Way too expensive for one antenna as well.

true, but where do you get the bent bases? I’ve seen too many models with the antenna itself bent which doesn’t happen in reality. I think the set from Leopard workshop is better.

Djiti’s Productions makes a really nice set of resin US antenna bases. You get a bunch for around $10-$15 too, both upright and bent over.

There are also other companies that produce resin/3D printed antenna bases, but I think these are the most you get for the money and they look great. I always have a few sets saved up to use.

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Well… it all depends how much detail you want to add to your builds.

Yes, stretched sprue is a good option, but this antenna has specific features which are not easily replicated by stretched sprue. I tried and wasn’t satisfied with my efforts. So I’m getting couple of these.


I use Albion Alloys SFT2 brass tube pack (0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9 thicknesses) for my antennas. You can imitate the thicker bottom sections and thinner uppers quite easily and also antennas that have differing thicknesses along their length.
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Yes Djiti Productions is a good option I have a set too.
There are also FC Model Trend and Ammo of Mig antenna bases. Both brands provide more options with different angles of bent springs. :+1: