Modern zimmerit?

Saw this and wondered whether zimmerit was making a comeback!

Be an interesting vehicle to model…

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Maybe they overdid it on the salt-proofing? Reminds me of the old undercoat they would spray on cars in northern markets.

Somebody had their compressor up too high?

I wonder if the hatches and turret still move?

Is that a NERF BTR?


The way my airbrushing goes sometimes, I get that sort of effect anyway!


So maybe Rhinoliner has branched out?

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Krylon come out with a new rattle can flat glitter stealth paint that absorbs humidity?

That’s what you get when you carve the hull from those foam blocks florists use…

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Looks like it’s covered in polyurethane foam insulation.

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Just a guess, but it may be insulation to reduce the heat signature.

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The guys over there may be fan of Jim Carry. It looks like an armored version of Dumb and Dumber’s car w/o the nose and ears.

btw: the text on the building in the background mean “Maintenance Point”.

How it is done :

I guess they have plenty of old tanks to practise :wink:

It’s expected to reduce the infrared and electromagnetic signatures…

Here’s another one :



Sorry about that - I just realise you’d made the same point re airbrushing(!)

I seem to be a bit slow these days.

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I guess it works to protect the vehicle by crippling the enemy with laughter?

On a serious note, how does this coating affect the crew’s ability to mount up safely? And to perform maintenance?

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Those pics where they are applying the foam, looks just like “Great Stuff” insulation foam when you spray it from a can.

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Personally looks like a rubber coating to hide the thermal image possibly ! Still a very interesting image. Would luv to know the story behind this ?

NASA did something similar with their original M113 rescue vehicles that were introduced for the Mercury and Gemini missions (asbestos coating for heat protection).





Thanks for sharing these amazing fotos and the great little known story about these machines. I have already taken the liberty of sharing these with my friend an Aero Engineer at Boeing.