Monogram 1/48 F105-G Painting and decal instructions

Hi guys and gals!!! A little unsure if I’m technically in the “right” place but here goes. I’m in the midst of a commission build and the kit is a mish mash of several Revell/Monogram kits. The instructions are for the Revell kit while the decals are for the Monogram 5806 kit. Does anybody have the Monogram kit they could send me the painting and decaling info on?? As the decals are entirely different in the Mongram kit.


I found my old instruction sheet. Here is the painting and markings area

Carlos, you’re a star!! Many thanks for your help with this I appreciate it greatly! I’ll post the model when its done in the appropriate gallery.


Happy to be of service Chris!

Hi guys and gals! Thanks to Carlos’s generosity I’m managing to progress my commission build. As promised Carlos here’s a couple of pics to show where I’m at for now.

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Looking good Chris! :+1:t3: A F-105 always looks good in the SEA camo colors.

That looks great! Please post some finished pics, I love everything Wild Weasels related. :grin:

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@Stikpusher Thanks Carlos! Yeah I must agree, though I’m mainly WW2, I really do have a soft spot for S.E.A. camo schemes!

@Panzer_modeler That’s the plan my friend!! Time for gloss coat and decals!! Errrr after I paint the tail pipe of course LOL.

Ha! Your work area is almost as messy as mine. :grinning:

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@TopSmith I’d wager it’s probably worse lol

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Your thoughts on the Monogram Vs Revell kits of the 105?

The Revell and Monogram 1/48 F-105s are the same molds.

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I guess they are about the same then… :roll_eyes:
I should have known.

Yup. Aside from the Thunderstick II version release a few years back, all that has changed is the box label and decals.

@TopSmith There are differences though, the plastic in the Revell kits are softer than the Monogram. The Monogram is more brittle and prone to cracking (though in some cases that may be due to the age of the kit as well). Monogram kits tend to be sharper in detail as the moulds were newer. The major difference is the decals! Monogram decals are very glossy and thick. Entirely visible after a matt coat of varnish. The Revell decals are thinner and often prone to cracking if handled roughly and without adequate surface lubrication. I do quite like the Monogram decals as there are very forgiving and react well with softening agents. This is all just my personal experince with the kits over the years. Revell has quite an extensive reboxing of other manufacturers kits as well. So the plastic inside the box could be Hasegawa or ICM. The Decals are their own though in many cases. Their 1/48 Hurricane kits are Hasegawa’s plastic in some cases and half the price of the Hasegawa offering so I snap them up when I find them.

So I’ve finally finished the F-105G build and I’m about to hand it off to the client (after they’ve paid of course lol) So as promised here are a few snaps of the finished kit!

The cockpit is a blackbox resin replacement which went in with little fuss. Painted up well and looks really good in place. Kit and resin provided by the client, everything else was provided by me. I’m happy with how it turned out, I think the client will be too! (Uh … hopefully! LOL)


That came out good! Too bad that you couldn’t keep it.

Very nice! I think your client will be very pleased with it!

@Stikpusher Vietnam era jets aren’t really in my era Carlos, however I really enjoyed building it and learning about the F-105G. Having said that about the Vietnam era I am actually part way through the build of Rodens O-2A in 1/32 lol.