Monogram NASCAR ('87 Thunderbird combo) model car color question

Hello Everyone,
I have the Monogram "87 Thunderbird combo kit and have a question or two concerning colors for some parts. The valve covers, air cleaner/cover, alternator, carburetor and the frame around the radiator are shown to be chrome. Is this correct? I’m not a NASCAR modeler/fan and this kit was given to me. The chrome on these parts seems out of place for a race car. Also the engine halves are to be painted steel, would the transmission also be steel? The finish colors on both cars are red and white. Would the interior of the body be red, white or another color? One is the Zerex #7 and the other is the Red Baron # 90.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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I don’t recall the chrome being correct.
Here is #7 1992 engine.

And I found a 97 engine.

I think the interior was the main body exterior color. So I think white for both.

Hi Tank_1812,
Thank you for the pictures. As I said before the chrome seems to be out of place on a race car. I normally do armor so I have no idea.
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Ryan is 100% correct as there’s no chrome on a race car, but often the show car would have some chrome parts. Usually Aluminum sheet is fabricated around the radiator. Google your specific questions and you’ll get a ton of information.
Nascar stock cars usually have their respective interiors painted in a gloss paint the same color as the main color of the body. For Bill Elliot’s Coors car it’s Bright Red, for the Alan Kulwicki’s Zerex Special it was gloss White, and the #90 Red Baron T bird was driven by Ken Schrader. The interior of that car was the match to the Red on the body, not White.

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Hey Joel,
Thank you very much for the information. It is very helpful.
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