Monogram's old ElCo - Macho Camper (OOB)

As most of you know, when an old ‘70s kit gets repopped, I get pretty excited. That’s because, even though I love the old ones, they’re not easy to find, and I’d say about half of my “retro” car collection is reissues. However, sometimes I do get lucky, and I find an original, or an older reissue. That means that when the new repop comes along, I don’t have to worry about finding one, or at least finding one right away. :slight_smile:

A perfect example is the Monogram (now Revell) 1/24 1978 El Camino. This was just reissued as a 3-in-1 kit, a repop of the “Lowriders” version, I believe. However, I have an earlier variant, the second of these kits to be issued, the El Camino Camper. The new kit has all these parts and some extras, but I think it’s instructional to check out the source material when you can.

So, take a gander and all the late-70’s custom-cowboy-streetness you can handle below! Then you can decide if the new one is of interest too!


Cool. Gotta love Monogram and who doesn’t love an El Camino?? My uncle had one when I was a teenager and I loved driving it. It was too cool in my opinion. :sunglasses:


It’s old, it’s quirky, it’s a Chevy. What’s not to love?

Looking forward to progress reports Adam, as always your work is entertaining and informative.

Cheers, D

Even I, Mr. Race Car has a found spot in my aging old heart for the El Camino. I even got to drive one every once in a while as my brother’s old boss had one. But PLEASE build it as it was intended to be with an open bed. The Camper option just ruins the classic look.


Glad to see that this one got some love!

Sadly, Joel, I think that the Camper top really adds to the ElCo. I’ve always disliked that wishy-washy sweepback styling (on almost every car, I dislike flying buttress roofs), and the camper top squares it right off. to me, it makes the car look more, not less, complete. I think it faired in would look awesome - like a weird Nomad/Panel cross. Hmm… since this is a custom… there’s an idea! I doubt I’ll do it though.

Do you guys know what those wheels are from?