Montex masks

I bought montex masks for my avenger build due to the large amount of glass. I am very unimpressed. The masks are too small in many places, and they are leaving a residue. Gonna have to peel them off and use tamiya tape.

Has anyone had a more positive experience? I am trying to determine if they are no good or I just got a bad batch

I’ve used them with good results…

Must have gotten a bad batch, or the design on the complex curves of the turret glass were portly designed. Is there a good method for removing their residue?

Didn’t have any residue issues. Cloth dampened with IPA maybe? As long as it doesn’t dissolve the paint…

Hmm must be a bad batch then. Can’t do ipa because I future dipped :frowning: might try a bit of water

Mineral spirits on a q tip ( cotton bud ) works well .
Have you considered masking canopies with Bare Metal Foil ? I find it works well. Expensive material but you don’t use much .

I’ve never tried it, is it easier to use than tamiya tape? I find cutting it right next to the frame can be a challenge

Mineral spirits doh! Good call, shouldn’t react with the future!

The key to Bare Metal for masking canopies is a SHARP knife . At the minimum a brand new #11 blade . If you are skilled at honing , a hard Arkansas or Oushita stone or ceramic hone helps . Burnish foil down carefully with a q tip then go around all the frames with a round toothpick that has its end slightly rounded over or eased with a fine sanding .
Then carefully cut along the frames with the knife using LIGHT pressure. Peel away areas to be painted. If you screw up just patch with more foil and re cut . Paint as you would normally and leave the foil on until all coatings are done … decal over coats , tonal dusting, etc . When ready to remove foil mask a chisel made from another toothpick helps. Adhesive residue can be cleaned up with mineral spirits as noted previously.
HTH - Richard

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