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Royal Model continues to release accessory items in 1/16 scale.

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I’d buy a set of helmets like these in 35th.

What’s with the rivets on each side of the helmet? The M1 helmet never had rivets on the sides. Yes they’re easy to remove on the helmet without the net. But it’ll be tricky on the helmet with the net.

Back to the drawing board Royal model !

looks like a Bundeswehr helmet shell from the 1950s / 1980s (M1971 Airborne Helmet ? )

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Good spot, Maarten. I knew it looked a bit German.
Such a basic mistake.

I’m guessing they had a Bundeswehr helmet as a reference. But the liner is correct for WW2. The Bundeswehr used a liner similar to the WW2 stahlhelm.

I could also be really pedantic and point out that the brackets (bales) where the straps are attached are late war swivel bales as opposed to fixed which were manufactured up until late 1943.

But I won’t because the rivet thing is bad enough.:grin:

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Designed by someone with no knowledge of what he is making ,.
and your correct about the rest to :+1:

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Not trying to sabotage or highjack this thread but someone asked about the US WWII M1 Helmet with mesh cover and suspension in 1/35th

Mikeybugs just completed these and is selling them out of his online store and they are BEAUTIFUL!

The Pattern: (that he scanned)

And the Finished Product in 1/35th:

Sorry Royal Models but the suspension in this 1/35th scale offering is more delicate, and more correct than in your 1/16th offering.

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In this large scale, it makes more sense and realism to use actual netting material, than a molded on effect. I use tulle fabric on 1/35 helmets, which are much smaller, and it looks great.

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