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AFV Modeller continues to pump out new stuff for large scale Sd.Kfz.

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Would this be best suited to convert the 251/1 to a 251/6?


I don’t think so. The Sdkfz251/6 was specifically a ground-to-air communications vehicle so had different sets, specifically the Fu 7, which doesn’t feature in this set.
Edit - I may have made a mistake here, but it’s easy to get confused over differences between the Sdkfz251/3 and /6. They were both radio vehicles, but at different levels. the /3 was for divisional signals, the /6 had a higher level of equipment, including Enigma coding machine for higher commanders. This information from H. Doyle’s “German Military Vehicles”. He does mention that /6 vehicles issued to Luftwaffe units sometimes were fitted with 10-meter “Flivo” pole type antennae.
There were eight different versions of the Sdkfz251/3, of five types:

-3/I with FuG 8, FuG 4 and Fu.Spr.; -3/II with FuG 8, FuG 4 and Fu.Spr. f the tank formation radio.; -3/III with Fu.8, Fu.5 and Fu.Spr.f.

The -/3IV was for air to ground support with FuG. 7, FuG.1 and Fu.Spr.f; -3/V with Kdo.Fu.Tr. FuG.11 and FuG.12, command version; -/3VI with Fu. Tr. 100 MW (gp).

-3/VII with Fu. Tr.80 Mw (gp)

-3/VIII with Fu. Tr. 30 Mw (gp)

-3/IX with Fu. Tr. 15 Kzw. (gp)

From this you can see there was a somewhat bewildering variety of radio equipment fitted to the half-track vehicles, depending on the use they were put to. I guess the set concerned here is the basic one for a Sdkfz251/3/I. The command versions of the Sdkfz251/3 supplanted the Sdkfz251/6 when the type was phased in during 1943 (the designation 251/3 having previously referred to an ammunition carrier/gun hauler which further confuses matters). The most obvious difference between the two types was that the -/3 dispensed with the conspicuous frame antenna in favour of rod types.

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I would like to see a command version of the 251 to come out in 1/35. Something other than a Dragon or ICM version; maybe an AFV Club or even a Tamiya.