More Info on Iron Dome from Magic Factory | Armorama™

I don’t know, but the simultaneous appearance of a previously unmodeled subject is somewhat suspicious. Maybe they’re using the same molds? Maybe Trumpeter is simply jumping the bandwagon, or perhaps, the other way around?

I do not think they are related. And it is not so strange to have similar kits released almost together, a couple of years ago we had several Bergepanther (from Meng, Takom), Pantsir (Meng, Trumpeter, Zvezda), Konigstiger (Meng, Takom, HobbyBoss) and more.

And even before that, it was not unusual to see Trumpeter and Dragon release similar models in a short period.

Here is the homepage of Magic Factory.

Modellbau König lidsts the kit for November. Price will be around 50 €. Images from Modellbau-König site.


That’s a bit steep, especially if you consider the fact that you don’t even get tracks nor wheels… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


HobbyEasy has it listed for 33 Euro.

With an ETA end of this month…