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Magic Factory just released more information and images on their upcoming kit. The company also uploaded a video showing the application of newly designed multi-in-one film-free decal supplied with the kit. Interesting!

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Well, all looks pretty good to me! Well done Magic Factory.

I wonder why the new box art?

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Ditto. Doesn’t make any sense, whatsoever.

I’m not really sure if this is box art… it might just be a promotional image?


The new decal application method looks an interesting touch.

All images show the system emplaced on open field.

Hmmm… That curvy IDF women soldiers may be a reason to buy for me. :smile: But why do they have M4 with M203?
The big question is. Where it get Magic Factory kits from?

Magic Factory specially provides two 1:35 Israeli female soldier figures for the very first batch of the products! … limited to only 3000 pcs!

Interesting. I wonder if Magic Factory is Kitty Hawk / Panda reincarnated, or are they following the same business model. KH / Panda included resin figures and/or bits with the initial releases of their kits too.

Yes, short-barrelled M16 derivatives are the standard personal weapon of AA troops. M203 is plausible, although I don’t recall seeing them much with it. Both figures having it is odd though.

BTW, those female soldier figures wear their ‘Alef’ (A) uniforms, used on leave and ceremonies. Since AA is part of IAF, they should be beige-colored rather than the standard green used by land-forces, with blue belts and dark blue-gray berets.

I thought I could use them as army soldiers, maybe placing them next to a Merkava for a selfie.

Yepp, that should be just fine.

Just wondering, does the IAF wear US rank insignia?

Hubba hubba! Or is that just wrong? Either way it’s made me rethink my figure dioramas; stand by for a 1:35 member of the WRAC - well, not just yet.

No. All IDF branches use the same system.


Hobby Easy is listing this kit on pre-order. Showing end of September release.

Anyone noticed the Iron Dome has been announced by Trumpeter as well ?–1433870


Another “Arms Race” between two Chinese companies?

Makes me wonder whether Trumpeter and Magic Factory are connected somehow…

Do you think it´s another brand in the Trumpeter family? Could also be that some designer from Trumpeter “defectet” and started their own business, taking some references with them. It would not be for the first time.