More like "Smoldering War" ... ROK Camo

Pattern ROK uses looks a lot like the old MERDC. The black and sand are self explanitory, but the green and field drab look different shades than the US specs. Anybody know what the colors are? (FS equivelent or Model Master/Vallejo/ Mig/ AK match?) Have a ROK M48A5K inbound and want to get my duckies lined up.

I used dark tan and dark green, along w/the black and sand when I did a K200 and K163 a while ago.

IMG_0509 IMG_0507

All part of a Korean checkpoint dio.

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Thanks, Gino. Whos colors were you using? ModelMaster, Vallejo?

Model Master enamels.


The green is closer to NATO Green than Forest Green in most of the pics i have, but no two pics are alike either. The Field Drab is more brown than the US shade, but again mileage varies.