More Rye Field news, Jarhead M1A1 FEP


Now that looks good … is it a complete kit ? or just the blade ?

The product page at Scalemates gives ME the impression that it is new/updated
variant of the M1 Abrams product line. Their comment is: ‘New parts’
I would assume that the new parts are those that are coloured in the image.

RFM’s product numbers for loose bits and pieces are on the format 20xx
Their full kits have 50xx so 5048 would indicate that it is a full kit

Edit: Their replacement TR60 tracks for Chally 2 was nr 5054 so my assumption above about product numbers may be faulty. All their track sets seem to be 50xx


Thanks Robin

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That looks like a new kit with SCWS (Stabilized Commander Weapon Station), which I have been crying for a decade if not more!!

I have been trying to CAD and 3D print it but the complex shape and lack of reliable measurements have prevented me. Could RFM finally have rescued?!

Some reference photos:

I almost fell off my chair! :man_dancing:


Will be getting a few of these kits. :+1:

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Let me get one first please.

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No…but I will let you build one first. :sunglasses:


I’ll be definitely buying at least 3 - one for USMC M1A1 with the dozer blade, one USMC M1A1 w/out the blade, and another for the US Army National Guard M1A1 SA.

:man_dancing: :man_dancing: :man_dancing:

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DAMN there goes more of my wife’s money…


God bless her lol


like this?


Yes, that is the SCWS (Stabilized Commander’s Weapon Station). Very nice.

YES, YES, YES! Almost peed in my pants with overwhelming joy. Can finally take that off of my wish list! Thank you!

Kind regards,

Get back on the chair!

She enjoys that you spend it on yourself I imagine.

Ok, I’m going to be the first one to complain about what appears to be not included. If doing a USMC tank why not include the snorkels ?

Is that used when not fording?

No, but I’ve seen the base of the exhaust snorkel kept on to serve as an exhaust diverter.

Then it needs it. Is there one in 35th?