Moroccan M1A1

I am looking to add a Moroccan M1A1 Abrams to my collection any one happen to know what Moroccan marking look like? I searched google and youtube to try to find references but no luck

Some images here. Looks like minimal markings.

Morocco M1

A few more

There seems to be a registration plate (?) on the front left fender, and a white rectangle with a red letter W and a number 18 on the right one…


The plate should resemble this

The white rectangle on the right front fender looks similar to the one seen on this M113


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Wow didn’t know they used the M1A1s. Very interesting

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Thanks again Frenchy you came through again i got one question what is the little square at the bottom on the last skirt panel?

Looks like a temporary marking taped on the skirt with black gaffer tape. I guess it could be the same as the one on the right front fender…But it’s just a guess :wink:

On a side note, I’ve seen the “W 18” marking on their T-72s as well…