Mosquito (boat) swatter

I seem to remember reading , somewhere, that the early J1N night fighters were used for PT Boat hunting in the Solomons. While they did not have radar yet, night trained crews and the downward oblique 20mm guns make it sound logical, I dont know if there were enough airframes/ crews to handle both PT hunting and bomber hunting tasks. Any thoughts? Also, what color would the interior be? I’d think Nakajima interior green , but the one at NASM looks to be atoke with Mitsubishis green switch / control boxes. Ah … “one last thing” (Apologies to Lt. Colombo) … Anybody looking for a 1/48 Tamiya J1N , 61078? Ordered the wrong kit and is easier to rehome it than send it back to Japan. It deserves a forever home. :face_holding_back_tears:

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Here is a detailed article about Gekko colors, including interior comments at the bottom of the article.