MosquitoCon 31 (Wayne, NJ) April 1, 2023

MosquitoCon 31 is 4 weeks from today! A few things to note for those of you entering models in the contest:

  1. We have revised the categories! Please check the show flyer for more details on the new numbering convention

  2. We have eliminated all the out of the box awards. Moving forward, each category will have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, only. We’ve also eliminated the “Best Sci-Fi” Award, as Sci-Fi falls under the “Best of the Rest” special award.

  3. We have added two new regular categories and re-introduced a theme award:

NEW: 107. Multi-Engine Jet Aircraft 1/48
NEW: 403. Ships, Destroyers and Escorts, All Scales
RETURNED: Best “New Jersey” Subject

Hope to see you at the show, Saturday, April 1, 2023!!

Thanks Martin - I plan on attending.

Have fun, guys! I have my first show this year next weekend. Looking really forward to it.

Hi Martin

I want to fill out the entry form, but have issues with the PDF format and cannot convert it to Word. Can you folks please post a Word version and I asked this several weeks ago on your Facebook page.


Sure, I’ll ask the webmaster and see what he can do. That being said, the PDF is editable, you should be able to fill it out and then print it.

Order me a Taylor Ham and cheese on a sesame bagel.

For dinner,I’ll order two rippers and a cold one.

Used to go every year when I lived in NJ

Taylor Ham = Pork Roll ( translation so people from South Jersey understand)
Dinner at Rutt’s Hut ?
Healthy nutrition at it’s best !

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Just a note to offer up a BIG thank you to the members of NJ IPMS for all their work on MosquitoCon 2023 .
This is truly an excellent event - large turnout ,
many models of many subjects in array of various genres.
Nice to meet and chat with like minded souls .
I always have a great time at this event and yesterday was no exception. The amount of work that must go into hosting an event like this must be tremendous but it seems to have all been done correctly - I can say that as an attendee and entrant it was all run as smoothly as possible.
So thanks again to all involved - don’t want to wish my life away but can’t wait till next year !
Cheers - Richard

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Thanks for the kudos! A lot of people work really hard behind the scenes to make the show happen. Thanks for participating and congrats on your awards. If I recall correctly, I heard your name heard more than once during the awards ceremony.

125 Entrants…571 models entered…399 walk-in attendees. It all added up to 1 great show!

Check out webpage ( and FB page (New Jersey IPMS) for photos and an (eventual) list of winners!

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