Mostly Random Space Marines

well, this is entirely random, but I thought that I could post some pictures of a couple of space marines I have painted.
(keep in mind that I am terrible at faces and I have not painted the bases entirely!)

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It is not random, otherwise everything is random here.
Cool looking man, like 40k Power Rangers esque.

I wanted to make something similar, with each WH40k space Legion with one of their best primaris unit, kind of Death Watch, but primaris. Then I realized that I can’t just do 1 unit each since they are sold in squad, and the price is way out of my reach.

yeah, that price problem is a problem for me. and I totally agree about the 40k power rangers! :grin:

My son likes to work with 40k stuff. Although I’ve been fascinated with the artists proofs they’ve release recently so I’m including some of his and the larger one that I haven’t finished with yet. I ordered aftermarket decals to make him even more unique.

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lookin’ sharp!