Motorcycle and Sidecar done for diorama

Just finished the motorcycle and sidecar for my new diorama. Getting close to being done.

Thanks for looking.


Very nice!!
If it was mine, the only thing I would do different is the mirror, I would use chrome paint, or add some gloss lacquer over it as it is, to give it some more shine.

Blimey, looks better than my 1/9th one!

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Very nice. Lion Roar?

Wow!! Very, very nice!!

Looks awesome! What kit ?

Yeah…That is the first thing I noticed after taking my photos. I will be glossed up before it goes onto the diorama.

Yup. Its the Lion Roar kit.

That is a beautiful little gem. Very impressive!

Nice! … R75? 1/35 scale?

Yes to both. It’s a gem of a kit and Bart has done himself proud with it.

Um, unless you assembled it in your garage, a real motorcycle that you ride around on does not count as a model. :wink:

My guess is 1/1!

Very nice build, painting and weathering!

Thanks for the comments. Its 1/35 scale Lion Roar kit.

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You nailed it,as for the mirror silver paint with a drop of pledge would suffice,even without really nice piece