MPC 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T Hemi

Hello again fellas.

While I continue to put the final touches on my current 1964 Pontiac Bonneville project, I’ll offer this original MPC 1968 Coronet for your inspection.

It was my last build prior to the Bonneville.

As with most of my projects as of late, it has been highly modified from the original kit, including a complete chassis and engine swap, mostly from the Revell 1968 Dodge Charger kit, as well as a lot of modified and scratch built parts throughout, including a highly revamped interior, using some parts from the original MPC kit, modified parts from the Revell Charger, and a considerable amount of scratch built parts, including nearly completely scratch built door panels, buddy seat, under dash 8-track tape player, and steering wheel and column. Underneath, the chassis has had the Hemi front K-member skid plate and torque boxes added, and under the hood it has been highly detailed with as much of the wiring, plumbing, linkages, etc, that I was able to perform, including all firewall and fender well wiring,
Some of the other refinements and small details include: Added vinyl top, painted bumble bee stripes, replaced marker lights, valve stems, wheel weights, handmade antenna, weighted tires, drilled out and replaced head lights, thin clear sheet replacement glass, opened cowl, and shaved and replaced windshield wipers.

Hope you enjoy.
Thank you for your time!



A few more shots.



What a beauty! That gold style paint on the inside and outside is inspired- really suits this car!

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Ye Gods!

Are you sure you’re not using a Magic Shrinking Machine? That engine bay has just destroyed what little sanity I was clinging onto…

I’m blown away by super-detailed stock builds, I try to get as far away from reality as possible (as in what I build, although it does apply to my mental state). If I built something automotive these days it would look as if it was made from the plastic you rejected for this build, assembled with glitter glue and painted with magic markers; although I rarely get beyond colouring in the instruction sheet with wax crayons.
Using your Magic Shrinking Machine in reverse, this would be one of my attempts at customisation in real life:




She’s a beauty!! :grin:


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Very impressive - thanks for sharing.

Great engine detailing, and all that work on the interior looks factory.

My oh my…This is a fantastic build. Talk about those carbs. Where did you find those?

The carbs are from “Fireball Modelworks”.

Hands down, the best resin carbs on the market!

He carries many different models, from Carter AFBs to Holleys and Rochester Quadrajets.
He even has Mopar six pack setups with the carbs and intake.

The best, bar none!


Oh Wow!!. I love replicas and classics if I’m not building some road racing machine. And your Coronet is a true classic. Just love all your added details which is literally everywhere. The engine and engine compartment is just amazing. And the treatment of the tail end is absolutely mind blowing.
Your build rates my highest approvable rating with the classic commercial from way back in the tape days: Is it real or is it Memorex. Yes, your build is that good.



Fancy seeing you here, Steve!

Steve is, hands down, the master of super detailing!

From his build, I’d say that you’re 101% right.
Unfortunately for me these days. With my failing eye site, my focus is on coming closer and closer to a basically perfect box stock build.


As I’ve said before, Mr. Guthmiller you sir are THE man when it comes to building detailed models!! Your builds and attention to detail make me aspire to improve my skills and try to incorporate new techniques and features in every build.

Absolutely gorgeous Coronet. Very well done.