Mpc at-st

So I guess this is my first completion of 2023. Although it hardly counts as such. This is the old MPC snap together box scale, (1/54 per Scalemates) All Terrain Scout Transport. I had built the basic kit many years ago and started painting it for an April Fools theme at OC IPMS. But my painting skills at the time were not up to what was needed for the end result envisioned, so I just set it aside partially painted. So yesterday at IPMS Phoenix the theme was Star Wars/Star Trek/Battlestar Galactica and I remembered that I had this one sitting around and decided to finish it up. The kit comes with the armored flaps over the vision ports molded shut, so I created some new ones out of sheet plastic to match the shape, then drilled open the ports. Then I glued the new flaps in the open position and proceeded to do a rapid and complete exterior repaint into a standard Imperial look. Once the painting was done, I added some “glass” in the open vision ports using Micro Krystal Klear, and lastly followed up with some slight weathering.

Thank goodness for quick drying Tamiya acrylics with lacquer thinner. Not bad for an afternoon’s work.


Nice looking chicken. :+1:

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@Tank_1812, Thanks Ryan. It’s light armor :wink:

Very Nice Carlos. The Old dog of a kit came out well.

But it seems to be missing something:


No, nothing missing… :smirk:

And thank you

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That’s a AT-AT interior. Chickens can only fit 2 people, 1 Wookie or 6 Ewoks. :joy:


i remember building that old kit, i don’t remember gaving any problems with it. today most people would reach for the bandai version or po the star wars legion one.

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Yeah, the build on this was quite simple. No complaints there. My original stall on the finishing was purely self inflicted. Funny that you mention Star Wars Legions, as from what I’ve read, those figures are supposedly close in scale to this kit. So I need to get some Stormtrooper ground support for this.