Mr Color 400 Leveling thinner

Dear Smarter than me modelers:

I started a tri color paint scheme and did it free hand with low psi and I’m using a combination of Tamiya and Mr Color paints. For me painting camo free hand is about as stressful as defusing a bomb,
But the point of this is I only did the Rotbraun sections which I had penciled off. Working so close to the piece, even at low psi can result in pooling which in my case yesterday seemingly occurred. I was ready to do an Irish jig on this build. BUT,! I forgot I had used my trusty Mr Color 400 leveling thinner which seems to work with most paints I use. Having walked away from the build after finishing the rotbraun I was p****d . I came down to my shop this morning and to my surprise the paint leveled and worked itself out. Now, I’m sure many of you will be bored by this but man, to find a thinner that is universally usable and actually does what it says it will is magic these days. So, goodbye Tamiya thinner.
I do have a trove of Mission Models paints. Tried em twice, won’t be a third time. Anyone want about 25 free bottles? Their proprietary thinner and poly is some kind of psychedelic alchemy to me. I can’t get it right, I’m sure many of you can.m but how about this Mr C9lor thinner? “Maxing!
N.B I have no relationship with Mr Co’or and get no remuneration for my comments.


I like Mr Color Leveling thinner for Tamiya. Someone mentioned regular Mr Color Thinner works well with Model Master and Vallejo, I have not tried that yet.

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I like Mr Color leveling thinner - it can impart a slight sheen to flat colors though.


I too find Mr color levelling thinner to be a magic potion. The 400 just refers to the amount of ml in the bottle. Amazing stuff for sure!


Mr. Color Leveling Thinner + Tamiya, Mr. Color, or AK Real Colors = airbrushing nirvana.



Mr. Color Leveling Thinner is indeed the magic elixir for lacquer, enamel & acrylic-lacquer based paints besides the Mr Hobby paints its designed to work with. I plan to try MCLT w/AK and other paints. I’ve read Humbrol isn’t compatible but haven’t tested to see.

Every paint I’ve used MCLT with gave better results than when used with its proprietary thinner or common alternatives.

Floquil Military Color

Floquil Railroad

Model Master


Pactra Acrylic


AK thinner turns my AK real colors into pudding

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