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New from MR Modellbau, KV-1 turret simplified type Model 1941 for Tamiya new kit and roadwheels Cromwell for Airfix Mk.IV, Mk.VI kits

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I ordered the KV-1 conversion kit directly from MR Modellbau. As soon as it arrives, I can tell you more about it.

This gives you the opportunity to convert the Tamiya kit to a rare variant produced at LKZ (Leningrad Kirovsky Zavod) in September 1941. The unique feature is a very early variant of the so-called simplified welded turret, which lacked interlocked joints and therefore had a reinforcing fillet under the bustle. As there was a lack of 120mm turret front plates, 50mm appliqué armour plates were added to the 75mm front plates as an interim stop-gap solution. The turret bustle is a shorter variant, therefore the rear-facing episcopes are closer to the rear wall, thereby eliminating a blind spot.

The kit also contains rubber-rimmed return rollers and a drive sprocket cover with 8 bolts, replacing the all-steel return rollers and covers with 16 bolts from the kit, respectively. Also contained are the appliqué armour plates on the upper hull sides and a short bar protecting the driver’s hatch, but the latter was not present on all vehicles.

A vehicle of this variant can be seen here:

КВ-1 лейтенанта Ярыгина. Один против всех

(YouTube video starting at 2:22)

As far as I can see, this one has the stowage boxes on the positions 7 and 10.

The conversion kit arrived today. Moulding is top notch: no bubbles and very crisp details.

Also included is a mount for the anti-aircraft machine gun for the turret hatch. The flat engine access hatch is made from styrene.

When I get the Tamiya KV-1 kit, I’ll use the turret on a late model 1941 hull from Trumpeter, as suggested by Neil Stokes.