Mr. Surfacer 500 question

My question for tonight is what products can i use to clean my brushes from Mr. Surfacer 500? Which one will work? I have Nail Polish Removal, Odourless Mineral Spirit; and White spirit?

Please help,
Tom D.

The odorless thinner might work. The nail polish remover is probably your best bet. I use hardware store lacquer thinner as Mr. Surfacer is a lacquer based product.


I use cellulose thinner and have good results.

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Acetone - Crappy Tire or Home Hardware sell it in 473ml containers.

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Lacquer thinners or acetone. Of course, there’s always Gunze’s Mr. Leveling Thinner.

However, I’ve had quite good results with ordinary lacquer thinners.

Acetone, or acetone containing product will do the job


I would use lacquer thinner for cleaning brushes and tools but if you’re cleaning it off the model I would suggest using Mr. Leveling thinner or Tamiya Lacquer thinner as they aren’t as strong as regular lacquer thinner and won’t cause possible damage to the plastic. I’ve heard some modelers using ISO alcohol but haven’t tried it myself.