MRAP HUMVEE - Ca. 2017 +/- Finally Done

More fruit’s of the Pandemic…
Finally finished another member of the Back Shelf Dwellers Club.

The Humvee is from an old campaign here, which I do not remember. Its broadly modeled on the Humvee Upgrade Program which was abandoned. Same for the figure, some other past campaign - 2014 Figures maybe? Taken from a pic of militia at a roadblock in Chad.

The Dio is loosely based on a mined area in Africa, Angola, Chad, Sudan etc… w/ a pile of old Soviet TM 57 or 62 mines. IIRC I pressed out of bunch or found them somewhere.
The Hummer is the old Italeri M998 HMMWV Desert Patrol Truck that had the giant cab on it.
My favorite part if the mount for the PKM. There is very little reference material online for it and I used about 20 parts to get it looking right.

Somewhere in the old Armorama this is a build log for this but I have no idea where.


Very nicely done. We all know that’s not the greatest HMMWV out there, but thankfully there are still modelers who can make a silk purse. I especially like that ratchet strap.
As for your PKM mount - I can’t see enough to comment, but if you ever need references like that, I seem to always have them.

Thanks man, appreciate it.

That’s a great idea.
Don’t know why, but I never thought of posting a question here (or anywhere else)…

I like what you’ve done here Neo. Good camo work on the Hummer and the mis-matched uniform bits on the figure are well observed. The small details are particularly nice I must say, like the maps, binos and water bottle tucked in around the gun mount, the antenna tied down, the tree, mines and the warning signs- its the small things that can sometimes just add that bit of extra interest to a scene and there’s plenty of them here!

Very very nice indeed, lovely details!

And I love how dirty your model looks, or is that just the real dust accumulated since 2017? :+1: :grinning:

Great work! I especially like the camouflage pattern on his trousers, they look awesome! /Erik

Thanks guys.

I enjoy doing the militia style troops like Africa or the Middle East. You can mix every style of camo and weapons right next to each other and its spot on. Makes for interesting dio compositions me thinks…
I have read and reread Shep Paine’s book and you can never go wrong with the basics. I met him once at the Boston Model Show in 2006 or 2007. Great guy, very humble for a modeling God. LOL

LOL - its not dust. I keep the Shelf Queens in a cabinet to hide them. The shame of the shelf…
I usually only do light weathering / dust on my models, this was 1st one in a long time that I tried to bring it up a level.

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Luv the Landmines - something unusual to see !Great finishes !

Here you go. Armorama :: MRAP Humvee

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Thanks for digging up that man.

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