MRC UH-1C Gunship Instruction help needed

Hi all,

i am looking to get hold of the instruction sheet for the kit below, in particular the layout of where to place the decals for the “Muskets” UH-1C gunship

Go to and search under the “Helicopters” category for your kit. Their kit reference page will include a downloadable instruction sheet…

I might have the instructions but this might help.

@5thMech i must be doing something wrong as i don’t see them there.

@Tank_1812 Ryan, if you do have those instructions i would appreciate a copy of the muskets decal page!

Let me know if I need to take better photos.

@Tank_1812 Spot on Ryan, many thanks! :heart_eyes: :+1:

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David, I checked. The MRC UH-1 kits are listed in scalemates. No pdf instructions available to download for your gunship kit but if you aren’t looking for something specific to the gunship instructions, I would think the instructions for the other UH-1s would work for you.

@5thMech yeah i was looking for tbat specific “Muskets” uh-1c but I’m glad you couldn’t find the instructions on scalemates, i thought it was me being a senior citizen.
Thankfully Ryan has a set and he has sent me some pictures, so all is well.

thanks for all of your help

kind regards


Very pleased to hear you got what you needed.

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