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Photos of sprues and test shots of built MRZR from Magic Factory.

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Wow, looks great!!


These are so cool.

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A lot of guns on the left one !

Isn’t it a bit excessive ?

Perhaps it is only to show the different possible mounts ?

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It’s an ideal grocery getter for going to Wal-Mart in any failed big city in the US.


No, looks like the correct amount to me.

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IMO; it needs a Karl G (M3 MAAW) mounted on the side.


No, because it can be used as a USSOCOM version.

Military Systems Group upgrades Polaris MRZRs and DAGORs for Spec Ops.


The Royal Navy version has those mounted for their Royal Marine Commandos.


I think Magic Factory nailed it and pushed both MRZRs way out front to be state-of-the-art.

Best of all, it shows that thin rollbar cages can be cast in plastic.

And each MRZR and trailer can be a showcase of their own without grouping them together.

The weapons selections are great too…a mix of 5.56mm M249 Para-SAW and M240B.

The Polaris MRZR was selected by DoD because it can fit inside a V-22 and CH-53. It is that powerful a tool in that it can haul troops and weapons but it is not a FAV (the SOCOM DAGOR might be).

And Magic Factory got it right by creating the diesel version.

Since we don’t have proper 4x4 pickups to represent special forces, this Magic Factory MRZR D4 kit is the best thing. Live-Resin figures will complement it extremely well.

There is now a rollcage RWS for the MRZR that SableLiger posted in his photo. And I think there is a minigun RWS and a 5.56mm minigun as a side mount. All those can be resin aftermarket accessories if someone creates them.



Roger that on the 5.56mm microgun.


Magic Factory did it correctly as the 5.56mm microgun isn’t standard and this isn’t a Spec Ops vehicle.

I would really like to see Magic Factory create a plastic 1/35 USSOCOM DAGOR or Flyer 60 and 72 2-in-1 kit as their next release.


My wife would have a great time if there was a mounted .50 cal!! :joy:


What about Raytheon’s anti-drone laser version delivered to the Air Force ?

More info :

or the L-MADIS ( Light Marine Air Defense Integrated System) one :



As with most products, the Polaris MRZR is being superceded by the newer MRZR Alpha that is now coming into service with the USMC and USSOCOM.

No real Alpha configurations have been made yet so I still think Magic Factory made the proper choice in selecting the MRZR D4.

Newer MRZR Alphas (which the 1/35 Magic Factory kit aren’t)

Polaris MRZRs (which the 1/35 Magic Factory kits are)

Polaris MRZR with snow tracks

A Polaris MRZR with specialized track system is staged on a snow mound in front of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center’s Cold Region’s Research and Engineering Laboratory’s (CRREL) winter mobility laboratory. The heavily modified vehicle uses its unique systems for detecting how the vehicle moves on terrain as it freezes to when it starts to thaw and anything in between. The winter mobility laboratory does a lot of research in Arctic regions, and all of their research is aimed at increasing Arctic or winter performance in Arctic environments. (U.S. Army photo by Orian Welling)

Incredible, this is on preorder for $35, hobbyeasy, due shortly. Definitely a candidate for the Christmas stocking!


It is $34.10 Preorder price at HobbyEasy and will be released on September 30, 2023.

@Newtonk beat me to posting. :grinning:


Modern combat vehicles have come a long way, do we even need HumVee’s, Bradleys or Abrams anymore?

Cajun :crocodile:

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What is the function of the MRZR ?

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