MSW main forum page - Boxes or list?

So which do you prefer for the site forum pages?

Boxes for subcategories at top and recent topics below?

No subcategories listed and just all recent topics?

Categories in a list at top view with recents below?

  • Boxes at top
  • No sub-categories/forums at top
  • Sub-category list at top

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Jim, I voted for boxes at the top, but I’ve since changed my mind. The present look of no sub-categories/forums at the top is actually better, but some sort of listing is helpful. Perhaps having the sub-categories listed like on the Aircraft/Aeroscale forum might be the ultimate solution?

Yeah I feel the same. I wish they had a version that just put the MSW main and sub categories on the page similar to the way they do on the main page. It would take up just a little real estate and actually support space for something like an ad to the right side.