MTLB Interior Kit Out There?

Title says it all. I’m pretty intrigued by the upcoming Trumpeter MTLB with the ZSU-23 cannon field-mounted on the roof. If I do the kit, I’ve love to have a decent interior as well. Anyone out there offer an interior set for this vehicle?

This version comes with an interior.

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I think that Trumpeter just combined the MT-LB with the ZU-23-2 kit. So this means that you will have the interior anyway.

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I have both the MT LB 6MB and SA-13 kits and they include interiors.

Just for completeness’ sake, the venerable Skif kit also has an interior (and the weapon system):


I’m sure the Trumpeter kit will probably be the better, but I have a soft spot for Skif models; they were first off the blocks when it came to some decent Soviet stuff back in the day; whilst they’ve been overtaken by the likes of Trumpeter et al, they can, I feel, still be wrestled into good models.

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The Skif MT-LB interior is very basic at best. The Trumpeter MT-LB has a very complete interior to include a full engine and engine compartment, along with very detailed crew and driver’s compartments.

To me, the old Skif kits aren’t worth the effort to bring them up to current standards and what can be gotten elsewhere. I don’t carry nostalgia for old kits. I would rather have the most detailed, up to date version.

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