MTVR MK23 Flatbed Flooring

Dear All,

Currently I am building an 1/35 MTVR MK23 truck from Trumpeter. I want to make a flatbed version loaded with some goodies. I wonder if any scracthes or rust is common on the flatdeck. Would be great to know when it comes to weathering.

I assume the deck floor can be worn over the years after carrying different type of goods, but I am not sure if the deck is coated with any special or durable material.

I dont even know if its made aluminium or steel.

I have found very few pics on the net, some coated sand and some military green/NATO color, but no luck getting close pictures.

I live in Europe, so I have zero knowledge about military flatbed even USMC flatbed trucks.

Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.


Welcome aboard Peter. I don’t have any concrete answers for your questions other then I am 100% Marines could scratch it up. A private could be alone with an anvil, nothing else and not know how they broke it. We just cannot have nice things.

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Anti-slip coating on this one is a great ressource for reference pics. Just keep in mind that most of the pictured vehicles have seen better days :wink:

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As Frenchy’s pics show, the bed is made of steel and gets scratched, scuffed, and rusty pretty quickly.

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Guys! You are awesome! Thanks for you quick and prompt answers! The reference pics are nice!