Mud Trap

I have been experimenting with different types of methods lately. This time is with mud. Yep! Good old natural mud. :slightly_smiling_face: I used mud collected from a neighboring farmer’s dirt road. Really fine dirt, I must add. All I did in this diorama, was add PVA glue, and a little water, and Voila! The muddy puddles you see were done using a mixture of Liquitex gloss medium & varnish, and their Transparent Raw Sienna ink for the muddy look. I also tried a little mixture of MIG wet effects and Liquitex Raw Sienna. I think the end result looks pretty convincing. I am still fine tuning the surrounding areas by doing some dry-brushing on the mud, to bring out the different texture. But so far, it appeals to me. The model itself is from AMT 350 Pay hauler. I had this kit for a while and did not know what to do with it. The big bucket was cut down to fit. So there is no chassi just the big bucket and front end of the pay hauler. I did much on the interior with some additions and some minor scratch built parts. This scenes inspiration was taken from many photos of collapse mines or sink holes that dumpers and machines alike, have fallen victims. As always, I like to always do some different and try to go one-step further.

Interior shots:


The mine truck sunk into a mine sink hole.

That’s very nicely done! For a moment in some of the close up shots, I genuinely believed I was looking at the real thing! I’m really impressed by the realism you’ve achieved Charles.
I like that rust stained water too. Little details like that really add to the reality of the scene.

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Thanks. The puddle is actually mud. Thee are various tint of muddy waters, depending on the surrounding dirt. As in this case, it may look like rust to you but it’s dirty mud. :slight_smile: Glad you liked the overall look. Appreciate the support.

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Yeah I thought that because it has that same nasty yellow-orange staining you often see in puddles at industrial locations or scrap metal.
It’s quite a good effect.

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I have been using finely sieved dirt for ages as the ground effect for my dios. You can’t beat the real thing. Either mixed with diluted PVA or sprinkled directly on to… Always looks realistic and your Dio above is another fantastic example, and a very clever idea of a sink hole. Great work.


Thank you kindly Johnny. I appreciate it.


Yes, the effect is very realistically achieved :+1:t4:
Also, I like your raised-cylindrical bases you’ve been displaying your models on. Interesting idea.

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Thank you. The Bases used are compressed carton paper I salvaged from a scraped container. The carton cylindrical shapes had plastic bindings on before they became dispensed.

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Nice dip. I had a similar idea while back but never did it. Photos credit: LA times.



Seen those photos before. You should do it. It’ll be awesome.

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Charles, someday I am going to try something similar using trumpeter 1/25 american lafrance eagle. But, you keep doing your thing as it’s a great motivation for us all. :wink:

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Thank you kindly. :wink: