Muddy Withdrawal

I recently Finished my new Diorama called “Muddy Withdrawal”.

The Figures I used are from a mix of different kits including Alpine, Evolution, Rado, Master Box and a few others. Some of the figures were converted and they all have Hornet heads.

The RSO is the Dragon kit with Friulmodel tracks and the Motorcycle and sidecar is from Lion Roar.

Thanks for looking.

Bart Campbell


Absolutely incredible!

Wow! What an absolute slog! Very nice!

I am in awe of the paint job and weathering and dio but I must say that the figures are
absolutely fantastic!

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Wow, this is great! I wouldn’t do anything to it, it’s great as is. But, since you put it in constructive feedback, I think the white trousers are a little too clean where there isn’t already mud splattered on them if that makes sense?

What material did you use to make the muddy base? I’ve been experimenting with ground material and want to put tracks and such in it but everything I’ve tried is a little too soft - it’s easy to make depressions but hard to make impressions. Yours looks great. That mud is so believable!

Fantastic, especially those guys pushing that bike with sidecar… but agree on the white trousers, would give them a wash…

Thanks for the comments. The mud is from the scenic factory - scenic mud…great stuff and easy to use.
As for the pants…the photos make them look way more white than they really are…I won’t be applying a wash…lol.


I was satisfied with my figures,but now I want to throw them out.Fantastic work and details.

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Very nice. Tells a great story. Thanks for posting this for us to enjoy

Absolutely beautiful job Bart. Excellent job on everything and yeah those figures are just outstanding!

Only because it is listed as constructive feed back…
The road wheels look cleanish and dry. The mud would be falling from the overhead portion of the track onto the road wheels and they soon would be wet and muddy.

Incredible- your figure work is just awesome to look at. So much expression in those faces- each one tells a story of its own and you can just see the despondency and the misery of it all. The uniforms are picked out so well- both in terms of the camouflage, the tones and the detail on the equipment and web gear. Really inspirational to see fine work such as this.

That is some exceptional work, figures and all.

+1 for exceptional work. Gives us something to aim at! The figures are not only superbly painted and the vehicles weathered well, but the selection of poses all contribute, there is not one figure that doesn’t fit in.

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Looks incredible! Do you know where I could find some 1:35 figures of german ww2 (einter clothes, if possible) medics in action?

Fantastic work!

The motorcycle, like the RSO, should have mud all over it, in the spokes, everywhere. But other than that, AWESOME!!!

WOW! RSO, figures, bike, mud, all completely outstanding!

Wow, very high quality work

That’s Best of Show,quality all I can say