Museum of the Battle of the Bulge, Clervaux/Clerf, Luxemburg

In the Luxemburgian town of Clervaux (Clerf in German), another one of those small battles to the whole of operation “Wacht am Rhein” so epic, and eventually such an epic failure took place. The US 110th infantry regiment of the 106th infantry division tried in vain to defend the town against the German onslaugt by the German 2nd Panzer Division. While succesfull in the first clash (17/12/1944) , destroying 2 Stugs while losing 3 Shermans, the ensuing battle was a major failure for the US forces, costing them 14 Shermans against the 2 platoons of Panzer 4’s. After this action the Germans entered the town with blazing guns, which caused most of the inexperienced US forces to surrender. Only the 100 US troops defending the castle refused to surrender. However, the next day (18/12/1944), withouth any ammo left and the castle on fire, had to surrender. However, the stubborn resistance by those 100 men, caused costly delays for the Germans, who were on a tight time schedule.

While in the town, we came a cross the monument memorating Col. Fuller, the commander of the 110th infantry regiment and a monument that conmemorate the liberation of the town.
Up in the restored castle there are 2 musea: one that shows dioramas of 20 of the castles that are scattered around Luxemburg (according to one of the information signs, the highest density of castles world wide) and that also includes the well known 1:35 diorama made by the local modeller Claude Joachim containing the castle and a large portion of the town.
The second is about the Battle of the Bulge. While it is not very large it is a nice museum with mostly dioramas with very good mannequins. Tickets are cheap and grant access to both musea.

And now for the photos:
The Col. Fuller monument (near the railway station, where his HQ was situated):

The liberation monument:

The 1:35 dio:

The Battle of the Bulge Museum:


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