Mutants apply here

Has anyone seen any 1/35 mutant figures like from “The Last of Us”?
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That would be great! I just looked this up :biohazard:

I’ve not seen anything like those in “The Last of Us” series (I had to look them up) but for general purpose mutants one can cobble something about the right size from these and have lots of leftover bits to customise other figures:
If you like your mutants supersized, this guy has three build options (officially, for gaming) but there’s no reason not to mix and match for your own diorama.
If you need a huge beastie there’s this fellow:
Again, it’s supposed to built one of three ways. For 1:35th (or other scales) you will need to omit the rider and fill the hole where the saddle is supposed to go, but you will have a spare gut component that will probably help (or maybe neck sections). Again a lot of leftovers but difficult to utilise unless you’re well into scratchbuilding. I’ve got some bits donated by a chap who built one (two heads and a mismatched set of arms and legs) which I thought might graft onto a dinosaur body but it would be a major conversion and it’s very low down on the “to do” list…



Those look more fantasy monsters rather than the plant or fungus-based mutants of “The Last of Us”. I’m sure eventually someone will design those kind of mutants, but name them something else to avoid copyright issues. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
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Yes, there are 1/35 zombies.

The OOP “Not Yet Dead Miniatures” makes them. (I know nothing about Dominomodels, nor have I ordered from them before).

And Paracel Miniatures in Vietnam has some.

Masterbox makes four 1/35 zombies and an escaping motorcyclist. I have this kit and it’s pretty decent for plastic. The motorcycle goes well together.

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I think Master Box have deleted the motorcycle from current issues of the kit, it’s absent from mine and I bought it soon after release. You may have got lucky. In contrast this does contain a motorcycle and it’s sidecar with an alternate sidehack on the figures frame:

Knowing nothing of the game or TV series this was the best reference I could find:

I thought the Chaos Spawn had the best potential for conversion, but you might want to work on the surface texture either with a pyrogravure or flock or stuff normally used for diorama/model railway landscaping. The last couple in the image above do share some similarities to GW’s “Nurgle” range but these might also have conversion potential:
Alternative parts for these guys are included in the same box:
If you do find yourself having to go down the “Plague Zombie” these might be of use:
These are less dead but more mutated, but may be OOP:
as may these:
but there are also these:
and this chap:



I don’t remember this ever having come with a motorcycle. I bought this kit too, and it only suggests various motorcycle kits to use. Unfortunately, her coattails interfere with fitting on most motorcycles, and require trimming (the coattails) or some kind of modifications.
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Hey mate,

These are 3D resin prints and are SW Legion scale but can be resized to 1:35 scale.
[The Abomination]

[The Annihilator]

[Moth Militia]

[Outbreak Survival: Cure and Contractor]

[Outbreak Survival: Quarantine Zone Survivors]

[Outbreak Survival: The Defiled]

[Outbreak Survival: Federal Agency Survivors]

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Interesting stuff! Thanks. Have to keep them in mind for a later project as I have everything I need for this one.
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