My 1/16 takom ft-17

Kit represents a Hellenic ft-17 as a few examples were provided to Greece after ww1 , this represents a trial tank ( no number markings, just Hellenic military markings), just wanted to do something different ( and my dad was a Hellenic army tank commander ).
Hope y’all like it , I hope to finish it today


Very nice

Looks good. :+1:

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Nice job on the plug wires and loom. Did you scratch build those?

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it has a real “lived in” look about it.

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Yes , I s.b. Those and some unseen interior pieces using the photsniper book as a guide

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Outstanding finishing and excellent weathering! Looks real!

That looks sensational! So much color variation, rust tones etc…

Beautiful work, just how big is a 1/16 scale FT-17? I know the tank itself was small so even at 1/16 scale, is it like working on a 1/35 scale panzer iii or something like that?