My builds from this year… it’s quite a few

Got back at it this year and have gone at it pretty hard. Figured the year is wrapping up so I’d share.


Very nice productive year :+1:

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I think I’ve started as many, only finished 3 though lol! Really nice progress and builds. I like the very first ones paint job a lot

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It’s been pretty wild, having to slow a bit lately though, actual job is getting busy busy with the holidays coming up (work in display fabrication in NYC)


You’ve been quite productive this year, Marks! More than me. What is your “main scale”? If the Zero is 1/48, then the Tamiya is a 10 liters bucket … :smile:

Especially I like both Seversky J-9.



Beautiful builds. Thanks for sharing! Glad to see some love for the Italians.

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Thanks, yeah the zero is a 1/144 from sweet aviation. Everything else is 1/48. I have an eye on some 1/32 kit but I think I’ll save that for later. Got to finish up what’s in the stash before buying more. (That’s what I’ve been telling myself every time I open eBay anyway)


That’s a good one! :joy: :+1:
That would mean for me no business the next 250 years … :grin:


Here’s from today’s shoot, still have 4 or so to be packed up for transport. Ran out of packing material on Friday though, go figure.


Yeah I said what I said, but I ended up buying an AMT B-26b. Got the itch for a marauder but not for the usual going rate. $40 didn’t seem too unsavory though

Wow! You are doing great work. Very happy to see Severskys and Regia Aeronautica planes. The Fw and P-51, what are the markings? I like.

Thanks very much. The p-51 is the rebel symbol and the fw is the empire symbol. Had kits without decals so I did a “what if” ww2 Star Wars build.


I thought those looked familiar. Nice work.

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Love your P-47, one of my all time favorites. Loved the Star Wars builds, I had to do a double take on the Fw at first!

I may be relocating to NYC myself by end of the year due to my pending divorce. If you don’t mind I may DM on the hobby shops in the area that are worthwhile.

Thank you!

Feel free, I know of a few decent stores. So long as you have a car that is.

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Truck with a grill guard and a 6” inch drop hitch, I can make my way thru NYC traffic :wink: