My collection of German soldiers

My collection of German Soldiers, al painted in acrylics, scale 1/10.
Painted them the last 5 Years, there from different brands and some are lightly converted.

winter030 winter031 winter032 winter033 winter034

Almost Frozen

DSCN2297 DSCN2297-2 DSCN2298 DSCN2298-2 DSCN2299 DSCN2299-2

SS-Ardennen-1944-032 SS-Ardennen-1944-033 SS-Ardennen-1944-034 SS-Ardennen-1944-035 SS-Ardennen-1944-037

Hansen Kampgruppe, painted black & white

Waffen SS, converted the head, changed the position of the helmet.

waffenSS-Ardennen-i-25 copy waffenSS-Ardennen-i-27 waffenSS-Ardennen-i-28 waffenSS-Ardennen-i-29 waffenSS-Ardennen-i-30 waffenSS-Ardennen-i-31 waffenSS-Ardennen-i-32

Waffens SS 2
SS-Ardennen-1944-II-004 SS-Ardennen-1944-II-005 SS-Ardennen-1944-II-006 SS-Ardennen-1944-II-007 SS-Ardennen-1944-II-008 SS-Ardennen-1944-II-009

Gebirgsjager, snow camouflage
DSCN2363 DSCN2364


Gebirgsjäger, Wintersmoke

SS_Gebirgsjäger-1-14 SS_Gebirgsjäger-1-15 SS_Gebirgsjäger-1-16 SS_Gebirgsjäger-1-17 SS_Gebirgsjäger-1-18 SS_Gebirgsjäger-1-19 SS_Gebirgsjäger-1-20 SS_Gebirgsjäger-1-21

Motorcycle dispatcher
_DSC7682 _DSC7681 _DSC7680 _DSC7679 _DSC7678

German Fallschirmjäger, Monte Casino
_DSC7659 _DSC7660 _DSC7661 _DSC7662 _DSC7663 _DSC7664

Hope you like it a bit.


Wow, there are some pretty figures there Jan. Lovely work on the various cam schemes, and on everything to be honest. Brilliant craftsmanship :+1:

Some really nice figure painting there.
:+1:t2: :+1:t2:


As the others said, very nice work and results! :clap:

I had to do a double take on this picture as at first I mistook it as an color photo of a reenactor being used as reference material. Very nice work.

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Really nice work…

That one got me too. All of them finely executed but especially that guy. Wow. :+1: :+1:

A gallery of great work there Jan. You have a really great eye for color in your work- it really makes viewing them a great pleasure as there are a great many little flourishes like a bright checked shirt or a medal ribbon. I have to say I particularly like the slightly ghostly appearance of the black and white painted figure- the contrast in the skin against the uniform in that figure is nice touch.

So many machingunners :face_with_monocle:

Excellent painting. :100:

Very impressive collection.