My entry for the Lend/Lease campaign

Hi guys

I am not sure if the lend/lease campaign will move to this forum - or if group builds will even survive here. All that said I will still make my bird for the campaign.

I am building the A-20 Havoc in Soviet colors and markings.
Researching the plane online showed Soviet for more than 3000 examples and was the biggest user. Even more than the US armed forces themselves. Plenty of opportunities for markings and camouflage.

The kit is the 1/48 scale Italeri offering, which I suspect might be an ESCI kit in reality or very early italeri. It has that feel for sure. It looks very nice and I am looking forward to get started.

More to follow :slight_smile:


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Nice choice Jesper, should look good in the Soviet scheme!

Cheers, D

Hi Damian

Good to see you here :slight_smile:

Yes, I am going to apply a bit of artistic license and apply some communist slogans myself.

The lend lease campaign thread on this forum is here. Hopefully someone will make it a sticky…

Thanks for the update, Phil.