My first diorama

I took my build from the rising sun campaign and made a little dio for it, a first for me at least that includes figures. scene- officer is explaining to the pilot why his aircraft is not ready for it’s mission while two mechanics are trying to figure out why they can’t get the wing tank on. meanwhile a crew member waits on the wing to help strap the pilot in if his two bumbling comrades can figure out the problem with the tank.

During construction i accidentally put a dent in the cowl when i used too much liquid glue on the inside while attaching the engine as you can see it here and decided to leave it. i think it looks good, adds another element of wear to a war weary craft

Any comments, suggestions or critiques to help me improve my dio or figure painting skills will be appreciated
Thanks Joe


Nice weathering on the aircraft Joe, especially like the scuffed paint where the cockpit is accessed, very nicely done, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:. And yes, the dent looks as if it was an intended detail, as opposed to a happy accident, a nice touch, :slightly_smiling_face:.

As for it being your first diorama, It’s one I’d be proud to put my name to…but I’m no good at aircraft modelling, :face_exhaling:.

What scale is it?

G, :beer:

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Aircraft - good!
Figures - needs a bit more detailing, shading, and highlighting. And some flatcoat to kill the shine.
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I love the cowl dent and the weathering. Is it a Hasegawa kit?

Well done Joe !

Thanks all,
Leo, yes i agree too shiny. i gave them several coats of dullcote but it was heavy wet coats. i will try a new technique of light mist coats at a distance and see if it cuts the sheen. the lighting kind of washed the tone out but i think i need to learn proper contrasting colors for their washes. especially the faces. these are tamiya figures and are old molds so face features are not good but still, i always have trouble washing and highlighting the face and making the eye/nose area look right.


no michael it is the old 1/48 tamiva kit. a simple kit but fun to build. i need to call tamiya too because somehow i lost the prop and rear canopy and need to replace them in the kit i robbed the replacements from. i want to get the hasegawa kit at some point.


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I was thinking it was the 1/32 scale Hasegawa kit. Either way thats some great detail for a 1/48 scale.

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Very impressive for your first diorama.

Lots of nice detail in a great scene, the weathering is spot on.

Whats next?


i have a corsair and a resin flight deck. i was going to depict it ‘catching the wire’ but i am not sure of the color the deck should be plus i want to make a mold of the deck in case i want to make others. i also have a partly built german hardstand dio i intend to finish someday.


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One solution is to determine which carrier you want it to be, and in what year. The deck could be plain wood, or it could be deck blue (only if it’s an American carrier). Usually you could find that out on Google, or just ask here. Inevitably, someone will know the answer!
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