My first photos on the new site

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just testing how to post photos
i don’t remember if i ever posted this build on the old site. fujimi 1/48. my own mix of tamiya paints with old concreate from floquil. i had to add the spat markings using frisket and i added the tail code to represent an aircraft shot down at Pearl Harbor.
I will try to post some more if this is successful. i have a 262 build sitting on my bench half done since my injury in june, some of you might remember it. I can’t get downstairs to my bench to work on it so it is probably covered in dust. To be honest i really wasn’t thinking about building again until recently. How do i post multiple photos?



Congratulations and welcome. Photos are considerably easier to post here. Only thing to watch for is the size of the photo-if it’s too large it will stop the upload.
You’ve done a good job on this model - it looks great. Consider posting some more pictures of it.
I have this same model partially finished. I paused the build because I wasn’t happy with the color I chose to paint it (seems too dark) I had to paint the nat’l insignias on because the decals were so old they crumbled.

hi c.
i don’t remember what the tamiya paint i used or the ratio with the concrete but i think mine is too light, not amber enough. decent model if not a little simple, except for the rear gunner station and gun are not accurate and a vacume form canopy would be an improvement. i think i have more photos on my flickr. how i post from there i don’t know.

here’s a couple more for you


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