My Hobbyboss M911

Hi All Quick pic of my M911 carrying a USMC M60. My first pic-upload so apologies in advance


Looks pretty nice. I can’t tell if you were able to tie it down or not?

I also added the AFV / Armorama category so it shows there.

Thanks HA I took that first pic with my ancient ipad. I’ll post front and rear chain-ups using a newer camera.

Looks pretty cool. How was the kit? I find myself getting more and more into these big trucks

I loved it. HB makes the better of the 2 M911’s imho. I’ll add a bit more as ive got a break. I commented on the first M911 I built on the old site. It was by Meng and I didn’t enjoy the build. I will say that the radiator fitted better than the HB kit one and there was a nice blind spot mirror for the d/s. Also the styrene ramp chains seem to work well

The HB kit went together more smoothly, its a more linear building experience imho.

I’d build this one again, the other one not so much.

Hf also did a Talbert 64-tonne Tank Transporter trailer of which I have one , but don’t have the tractor . Not sure if I will ever get one. Undecided so far.

Why buy the resin tractor when …


would be less costly, even if you get M747 trailer for the spares box …

HB are also planning a kit with M911 (without pusher axle) + Talbert trailer

Gets you a spare Talbert trailer that could maybe be towed by an M920 (Trumpeter)

yes I know, but I got the trailer cheap from a deceased estate. So It’s possible a tractor will turn up eventually or it gets used in a diorama.

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