My latest For Sale/Trade List

Updated November 19, 2020.
Some new items added and some prices reduced.
See something or several things you like? Make an offer. I’m willing to take a couple bucks off on multiple purchases. My trade wants are listed at the end

AFV Club:
8.8cm Flak 18 #35088 PLUS 8.8 ammo and containers #35107 $50

Kubelwagen sealed bag, no box, $15

Magach 3, #3567 , sealed, $37

T-34/85 Vietnam version, $24

M113, $10 (I bought the M132 Zippo kit for the flamethrower interior parts, so you get the remaining parts to build the basic M113)

T3 van (bagged no box) with resin wheels, Voyager PE, resin roof rack. $37
(van body is slightly bent, should straighten out once glued in place-photos available)

IDF Orev Combo
Two M151A2 TOW kits, Legend IDF TOW Launcher and TOW carrier conversions (LF 1141, LF1142), two sets of Eduard PE for the M151A2. $70

Tamiya King Tiger Ardens special edition with Aber PE and metal barrel. Also includes Tamiya engine, ammo and other extras! $70

Patrol Boat River, PBR, $25 (sprues are un-bagged)

IDF M113 Combo, $35
Tamiya M113 with interior (no figures, no decals) Verlinden Command/Communications conversion, Verlinden external fuel tanks, Indi links.

Tamiya DAK Sdkfz 222 (metal barrel and PE screens) with Royal Model Stowage set and aftermarket width indicator poles. (Tamiya vehicle parts only, no figures/motorcycle). $26

M108 combo:
Italeri M108 kit with AFV Club M109 rubber band tracks $24

V100 later boxing without dry transfer markings, but will include Hobby Boss decals for Vietnam M706 $20 each (2 available)

#43592 Asaka Seisaku-sho Turret Trucks–Fish market trailers and accessories $20


Modern USMC AAV crew, (two resin busts), bagged with box art, $10

M60 machine gunner Vietnam (Animal Mother from Full Metal Jacket) with PE ammo belts. Bagged with box art $10

New World Miniatures:
#35006B, Wehrmacht Winter Soldier, bagged with box art, $5

2 Vietnam era Marines playing guitar and harmonica with resin base. $30

Hobby Fan:
HF501, Mechanized Infantry, (4 figs relaxed poses, Vietnam), bagged w/box art, no box, $25
HF533, Vietnam truck crew, two seated passengers with gear, Sealed $24

#LF0052, Vietnam “Three Fighting Men” bagged with box art, $12

#182, #183 metal Vietnam figuers, bagged with box art. These two figures are based on the famous photo of the two 173rd soldiers standing over a fallen soldier. Will include a resin figure wrapped in a poncho to recreate the image. $15

Dragon Vietnam:
#3304, Viet Cong, sealed bags, no box, $6
#3307, US Marines at Khe Sanh, sealed box, $6
#3313 Marine Recon, Vietnam, sealed bags, no box $6

Dragon Modern:
#3022, Delta Force Somalia, no box, sealed bags, TWO sets available, $5 each or $9 for both

Northern Alliance/Taliban/Mujahideen, $6, no box, sealed.

Assorted vintage figure lot. $10
Esci German Paratroops, Italeri German tank crew, British figures with bagpipes, Squadron German accessories plus other assorted things. No boxes, some clipped from the sprue.

Osprey Modeling Manual #9, Modeling WWII Figures, $8
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War-Riverine Force, $6
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War-Chargers, 196th Light Inf., $6
Vietnam Costal and Riverine Forces, $15

35436 M113 IDF Zelda Interior $12
35437 M113 IDF Zelda exterior $12
35438 M113 IDF Zelda armour shields $12
XT073 M113 wheel mask $4
Buy all four sets for $35

FS35115 Centurion Mine Exploder, $35
FS35143 Australian Signs Vietnam, $5

AFV Club
5 ton truck wheels from the AFV Club M54, cheaper alternative than resin to spruce up your Italeri trucks. $7, (two sets available)

Tiger Model Designs
Centurion Hush Puppy tracks (removed from sprues) $8

#66451, WWII German Vehicle Decals Set A, $10

Bradley M2A2 ERA set #1168, $20

Lion Roar:
T-55 PE detail set, $7

Print Scale:
35-03 UH-1 Huey Vietnam Decals $9

SPS 031, Concrete walls, $12 (resin)

#3801, M16 Family, $10
#. , AK47 Famiy, $10 (Bagged, no box)

#081, M113 External Fuel tanks, TWO SETS in one box, $10
#398 IDF M60 Blazer armor $8


#32530 German infantry marching (have two), $14 each, both for $24
#32510 Jerry can and fuel drum set (have two), $9 each
#32557 Famous generals (two identical sprues, 10 figs total) in box, $10
#32557 Famous generals single sprue of 5 figures, no box. $5

Tamiya Shimokita (missing small vehicles, Shimokita ship parts only) $10

Revell '68 Mustang GT, Steve McQueen Bullitt edition. Sealed, $15



  1. Tamiya TOW Humvee, M1046 kit with Lion Road PE (I’m using the unarmored doors from the M1025 to build a M966) Resin wheels and roof interior have paint. $20

  2. Humvee painted kits and spare parts lot. Built Humvees with Calibre35 and Blast conversions. PM for more details.


  3. Tamiya Centurion with Kirin IDF personal carrier conversion $25

  4. AFV Club Indochina Chaffee with AC Models Crew and French Foreign Legion figures, Fruil tracks. $75

  5. Tamiya/Blast T-55/Tiran conversion plus Indi tracks, $35

  6. Tamiya M113 with Verlinden M901 TOW conversion, individual tracks, Tamiya humvee TOW missile tubes and rack to scratch build interior. $25

  7. Tamiya M113 with Verlinden TUA Canadian conversion, Verlinden NATO tank crew, AFV club M113G individual tracks. $25

Wanted Items:
Looking for sheep and goats in plastic or resin.

Master Box
#3565 Operation Milkmen
#35159 Here are some snickers
#35131 Modern Tankers, can we buy your sheep


M1A1 with Mine Plow

170V Beer Truck
170V Delivery Van

AFV Club:
Berlin Wall

Tank Workshop:
M48 Crouse-Hinds early searchlight

Valkyrie Models:
#35017, US Tankers 1970s
#35___, US Tankers 1980s
#35030, NVA Boarder Guards with K9
#35029, Modern IDF Infantry
#35004, Modern IDF Tank Crew, 2000s

Bravo 6:
#35322 Rubber Lady
#35312 Lazy Afternoon
#35313 Grunt (4) Willie “Tex”
#35314 Vietcong Ace of Spades-2
#35057 Army Inf.(8) “Get On Line!”
#35074 Army Tankers “Close Combat”
#35077 PRC-25 Radio and Accessories
#35317 Tankers with Puppy
#35311 Body and Soul
#35309 Mine detector team
#35308 Tanker (3 figures)
#35079 Mule Driver
#35075 US M2A1 Ammo Boxes & Crates
#35025 Ontos Crew (just the Marine with the round)
#35041 US MPs (just need the seated driver, you can keep the decals)
M48A3 stowage #1269
Magach stowage #1355
Machbet conversion with sandbags #1080
M48 roadwheels #35063
Magach 3 Conversion/Stowage, #35037
M48A1/A2 Early canvas cover, #35072
Hobby Fan:
M56 Scorpion
M113 tracks
Tavern and Tavern interior

Panzer III N
DAK Kubelwagen
Flak 88 Tobruk set

1/700 Aoshima JMSDF Hyuga and Hyuga PE set.
1/700 Skyway/Pit-Road C5 Galaxy (really just interested in the vehicles—LVPT7s and LAVs)
1/700 Skyway/Pit-Road buildings accessories etc.
1/700 Dragon USMC Amphibious

1/72 Fujimi/Testors Carrier Tractors/Fire engines
1/72 Verlinden Carrier tractors, crew figures, accessories
1/72 Italeri Carrier Deck

1/72 Hasegawa ground crew sets (X72-7 US Pilot and Ground Crew, X72-6 Aerospace equipment set, X72-5 US Weapon loading set) and related.

Would also be interested in trading for LEGO sets, Trains, Modulars, City and/or Friends themes.

Shipping is extra (unless otherwise indicated). Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, I have been making arrangements for USPS to pick up packages and will not be able to ship internationally. All packages are sent via Priority Mail. Will entertain trades for other Vietnam or Israeli subjects. I’m a sucker for combos (kit plus dedicated accessories–stowage, crew, resin wheels/conversions, indi tracks, metal barrel, PE etc.)

Thanks for looking.

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Until I gain the ability/level to edit posts I’ll make some edits in the reply.
The Shot Kal combo has been SOLD.

Hi, I’m interested in the following:

“AFV club: Quad .50 machine gun turret parts from M35A1 Guntruck, two sets available, one bagged, one loose. $7 each, $12 for both.”

I would want both

"AFV Club: M49 tanker with Real Model M35 engine $20

I don’t really want the engine

“DioArt: Australian Ration Boxes Vietnam $5”

Would you take $30.00 for all?

Incoming PM


wait, so…
that’s all clear to buy? this list is like 12 days or later ago, is this all still able for purchase?
sorry for being a bit unclear.

Hello, the list is current as of 11/14/2020.

ah, thanks!

Hello, i am interested in the Tamiya 222 you have for sale…is it still available? I sent you a private messege.

Thank you,

After 30 days you can no longer edit the post, SOLD ITEMS since last update:
AFV Club Flak 18 and Ammo
Dragon T-34/85
Tamiya King Tiger Combo
Tamiya 222 Combo
Tamiya German decals A
Tasca/Bego Kubelwagen
Dragon M113
Eduard M113 Zelda PE sets

Just sent you a PM.

Btw, Sherb is a great seller. Awesome communication and deals. Buy with confidence. Compliment well deserved. Highly recommended!

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