My next Sherman tank project

Have had this project in mind for years now and finally getting around to it. My question is about the camo netting on the front. Exactly what was it and any good ideas about how to recreate it?


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I think it was there to hold together all the sandbags underneath. Either that or to dress them up. Some area commanders actually gave tank crews crap over “sloppy sandbags”. Priorities.


Almost looks like they are covering concrete used by some units.

As for material, gauze might work to replicate.

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Medical gauze is good to replicate that type of camo net.

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One way to replicatie the netting is to search for the right size of bandage (the sort you use for wounds). I use this for ages now (appr. 50 years) with great result.
Apply with white (wood) glue and after drong spray as usual.
Good luck


Top picture from OP definitely looks like sandbags under the netting.


I’ll start sorting through some different types of gauze to see how it will look. Appreciate the advice.


The individual sandbags are pretty huge, perhaps inspired by the old Tamiya bags, which resembled the fifty pound bags in which fertilizer is sold. US Army sandbags were smaller, typically 18 by 24 inches, which wouldn’t break your back to lift. If you’re going to cover them with netting and such, it’s a moot point. However, one thing tankers never ever did was stack the bags higher than the top edge of the glacis plate, as that would block the view through the drivers’ periscopes. The tank literally could not be driven with the hatches closed, and the bow gunner could not see to aim his machine gun.

Fortunately nothing is actually glued in place and this is all just tacked in place to see where everything might go but your input is appreciated.

Regardless of the size issue, the folds and creases look very nice on the sand bags.

Is that value gear on the back deck? What did you use for the side armor?

Looking like a very nice model.

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The empty ammo boxes are from Panzer Art. The photo I’m basing this on is from the 743rd Tank Bn and they commonly used Brit pattern ammo cans filled with sand for additional armor.

I second this, the nice thing about bandages is that you can pull them gently apart to get any size holes you need

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Since you will be covering the sandbags with gauze you can just trim down the top of the sandbags as needed, then cover them up.

It wasn’t easy, but the tank COULD and DID drive with the hatches closed. Literally. Lots of videos on line.

He meant WITH sandbags blocking the periscopes.