My Recent Figure Builds

These are the most recent Sci-Fi and fantasy resin figures that I’ve painted in 2020.

From left is Scale75’s 75mm (1/24) Tarko Sthalen, painted as the box art.

In the middle is 150mm SOL Model’s Muhon, painted similar to the box art with added orbs of “magical potion” added to the belt. The coin is aftermarket.

At right is Hobby Design’s 75mm (1/24) “Fast and Furious” Luke Hobbes with Diplomatic Security Service coin to depict the agency he serves under in the movie. The M4 carbine and M4 magazines are from Large Scale Armory (LSA).

The hardwood plinths are from Europe.

All were hand-painted with a brush and Vallejo paints.

All figures fit very well with great casting and details; I highly recommend any and all of them. The LSA accessories were fantastic in up-arming Luke Hobbs.