My ribbons, levels and old profile lost

@moderators Greetings to you,
My earlier user name is - newnikonian
I forgot the password and I am not getting the re-set password link from Armorama even after multiple tries…
I ended up signing-up again with my email -

Because of this, all my ribbons, levels from my newnikonian profile is lost. Is there any possibility to get my ribbons and status synced?

Same here.

The old implementation of Armorama is gone. The contents of the forums et.c has been archived and is available is flat web-pages, see Archived sites in the top ribbon.
All the user data, ribbons etc., is also gone.

The current implementation, which uses discourse, gives us a lot of new fancy features but it also makes it very difficult to handle campaign ribbons

Edit: Jim endorsed the answer above by correcting some typing mistakes :rofl:

Thanks for the quick reply Robin :+1:

I thought due my re- registration I was the only one who lost those privileges, Ribbons…
I joined Armorama on July 28, 2005… Now I am waiting to complete my minimum post count for PMs and respond to group builds etc… Feels weirder… No issues than…Just wanted to check whether anything to be done to revert to my previous status…It gives some comfort that I am not alone :smiling_imp:

I know they can tweak the level manually :slight_smile: @Robin_Nilsson can do this :wink:

Raised one level. Now you can go ahead and contribute to the fun :wink:

The only thing I miss or rather would like back is my old Armorama name of Boggie can you make that happen Robin?

Sorry I couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you very much, Robin.
Appreciate this much :+1:

Have a Great Day

Enjoyed in its entirety :laughing: :joy:
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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I believe, note: believe, that you could do this yourself
but I will try to fix it for you be letting ‘username’ and ‘name’ switch position.
You may need to log in again afterwards using the new username


Thank you for fixing this I tried but it would work for me.