My Vietnam era builds

Here are some of my Vietnam era gun trucks/ trucks I built recently , the king Libra is the AFV kit, the colonel is a tamiya / AFV M-54 kit , the 10 wheel Mack is a M-123 resin kit from tank workshop, and the Wrecker is a AFV M-54 truck chassis with a hobby fan resin wrecker crane kit, all wheels are DEF sagged type and painted/weathered by me, the diorama base is one I need to finish but it’s a stretch of roadway on QL-19 near mang yang pass, that these gun trucks were going to be a part of. Any feedback good/bad is welcome


Those all look real good! The gun trucks look great!

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The wrecker is my fav. Nice collection of work.

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Thank you ! It was a fun build , after all a transportation company needs a wrecker!

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They look good. I really like the M62 wrecker as well.

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Thank you sir!

Those all look pretty good. Two critique points I will add: 1, the tow cable on your M113 ramp is upside down, the hooks for the eyelets should be at the top, and 2, lose the ALICE packs on the M48, those were not issued in Vietnam. Infantry units had the smaller “mountain rucksack” on a curved frame issued to them. But not tanker crewmen.

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Good to know! Thanks !

Vietnam era olive drab looks great. Amazing collection!

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Is the M48 the old Monogram kit?

That is excellent work all the way around. My only critique - not enough pics.

Doesn’t appear to be. The end connectors are correct, and I don’t think the Monogram kit has a separate gun crutch - it’s molded on. Of course it could be a blend of the Tamiya and Monogram kits. I can’t see the engine deck well enough.
Either way, nicely done.

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Really nice collection and builds. Gun trucks look good but I do like the recovery truck as well. All the colours look great :+1::+1:

Ken it’s the tamiya kit.

Thank you !

Looks like the Tamiya kit, with its “unloaded” stance. The Monogram kit is an A2 with three return rollers per side, no air cleaner housings on the fenders, and no riser for the cupola. And the drivers compartment heater exhaust pipe goes to the opposite side.

I love the gun trucks. Did they ever have some type roof for the driver to keep out rain and grenades?

yes its the tamiya kit,with add ons by legend

You can notice the canvas tops in the pics below :


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