Myasishchev M-50 Planned | AeroScale

MikroMir is planning to release another impressive test vehicle of the Cold War: the Myasishchev M-50 in 1:144 scale

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Another one that would be splendid in 1/72!

A model do in fact make one in 1:72. See:

Myasischev M-50A, Amodel 72016 (2007) (

I should have said an all injection molded kit in 1/72.

Whilst not normally an aircraft modeller I do note that there’s a fair bit of injected plastic within this kit (via the Cybermodeler review within the Scalemates bit) coupled with fibreglass - which is a new one on me I must admit. That said, it looks as though a decent enough model could be made from this particular kit.

No kidding? This is a cool subject and I am actually interested in these not-quite-there designs. It is written that Bounder would more accurately be named Blunder.